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Countless inspirations for crafting genuine emotions

Elevate your photography game with a vast collection of over 1500+ ideas. Say goodbye to static shots and unlock your creativity. From playful interactions to heartfelt moments, we provide the ideas to create unforgettable experiences in every photoshoot with our posing app for photographers.

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Plenty of features!

Check out suggested settings and tips for each idea. Create your own plan for photoshoot with our Moodboards and save your favurites into collections!

Chase Golden Hour Light with our new app – Phototime!

Be sure to check out our new App Phototime: Golden hour. Just choose your location and date and never miss the perfect golden hour light again! It comes with weather for photographers, AR module to preview the sun path and reminders for the golden hour time!

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Erica Brooke

Destination Wedding Photographer

Ohio, US
Shelby Laine

Destination Wedding Photographer

Kansas, US
Tim Laielli

Wedding Photographer

Austin, US
Abigail Renee

Elopement Photographer

Connecticut, US
Monika Skolimowska

Wedding Photographer

Poland, Europe
foto babie lato
Foto Babie Lato

Wedding Photographer

Poland, Europe
Pedro Teixeira

Wedding Photographer

Brasil, South America
Kelcey Hutton

Family Photographer

San Jose, US
posing guide app
Photo by Foto Babie Lato
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What is Posica all about?

Posing Guide

Posica is a limitless inspiration source for all kinds of photoshoots

Sun Tracker

Never miss the golden hour again with our precise golden hour calculator

Free canva templates and presets

Enhance your client communication with our canva templates and free pdf mockups

Posica: Posing App is the most popular photography app that combines all the necessary functions such as posing guide, sun tracker and mood boards for photoshoot planning.

Although the photography market is more and more popular there is always room for good professionals. You should build your portfolio with styled photo shoots and learn the art of posing and working with clients with tools such as Posica app etc. Then you can publish your work on instagram or Tik Tok. Remember that consistency is the key here!

There are various ways to earn money as a photographer. You can sell portrait, engagement or family photoshoot – these might be the easiest way to start. After you gain some experience you can try shooting weddings or even selling some stock images. Check out inspirations in Posica app to find out which photography types fits you the most.

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